Backbone Angels is a collective of women in tech who are united around the same goal: funding—and empowering—founders, businesses, and ideas that are often overlooked.

Since March 2021, we’ve backed over 42 companies and deployed over $2.3M USD in capital to women founders—and we’re just getting started. We believe that there is space for many founders to thrive and be successful, and we know that access to the resources it takes to succeed are not equitably distributed. We want to help close that gap.

We look for forward-thinking founders solving problems in a scalable way.

Our story

We found each other at work. We’ve built teams together, we've been leaders in scaling one of the biggest tech companies in the world, we’ve shared many laughs, and been the backbone of countless companies. Above all else, we’ve always had each other’s back. By combining our power and passion we have been changing the spaces we operate in and supporting one another along the way. We also realized that this was something incredibly unique and unfortunately rare.

Also rare? An entire collective of women angel investors. When thinking about making and helping effect change, what started with “Why us?” quickly turned to “Why not us?”

So with that, we founded Backbone. Our table is long, with plenty of seats.

Portrait photo of the 9 founders of Backbone. Top row (left to right): Marcie Murray, Brittany Forsyth, Anna Lambert, Arati Sharma, Alexandra Clark. Bottom (left to right): Lynsey Thornton, Atlee Clark, Erin Zipe, Konval Matin
Backbone Angels' Founding Partners
Investments: Sheertex, Koble, Astreia, Wethos, Bird&Be

Our collective

Each angel invests their own capital in the startups they choose to back based on their own interests and criteria (see our bios for more info). Every investment may be a little different, but each is based on the same thing: a deep belief in the founding team and the problem they are trying to solve.

You may find that only one or all ten Backbone Angels will choose to invest capital in your business, but the benefit is that if even one of us invests, founders will have access to the expertise of the full collective. Backbone Angels can help you scale using the experience and expertise we have acquired over many years of working at the forefront of a fast-paced, cutting edge industry and as founders ourselves.

Who we've backed