About Us

We are a collective of angel investors. We are coming together to invest in women and non-binary founders with a focus on investments in Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour-led companies.

How It Works

We believe in the power of the collective and bringing that strength to your team. We make individual investment decisions but collectively support every founder in our portfolio. Whether one or all of us has invested capital, the group is invested in your success.

We believe that there is space for many founders to thrive and be successful, and we know that access to the resources it takes to succeed are not equitably distributed. We are here to help close the gaps. As a founder, you will access expertise in product, data, UX, marketing, talent, legal, operations, and strategy.

We are as interested in your company as we are in the journey you took to get here, so let’s talk. We review all submissions weekly and will get back to you regardless of the outcome.

Our Story

We found each other at work. We’ve built teams together, we’ve fought battles, we've  been leaders in scaling one of the biggest tech companies in the world, we’ve shared many laughs, and, above all else, we’ve always had each other’s back.  By combining all of our skill sets, energy, networks, and passion we have been changing the spaces we operate in and supporting one another along the way. We realized that this was something incredibly unique and unfortunately rare.

So with that, welcome to Backbone. Our table is long, with plenty of seats.  Share your journey, story, and vision with us by submitting your company’s investment opportunity.

Who we are

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Invest With Us

We know there are backgrounds, voices, and perspectives missing around our table. We know that in order to systematically disrupt the system, we need to address not just who is receiving funding, but also who is investing. A part of our mission is to increase representation in the investor community in Canada.

If you are an angel investor, looking to get started, or a potential partner who cares about this mission, please leave your email and we’ll include you in updates and let you know when we expand our investor network.